Drying Fresh Herbs Can Save You Money

| September 23, 2012

Quality herbs and spices can make or break any culinary attempt, but they are so expensive! Those are dried herbs and spices can really put a dent in your food budget. Fresh herbs are so much better and you need to use much less than the dried kind. If you can provide a sunny spot and have some good potting soil, you can grow your own herbs.

It takes a little bit of work. You have to care for them like any other plants, with pruning, watering, and general care, but the returns are well worth it. You?ll have some fun and save money, too. Now when you grow fresh herbs, there may be some extra. You don?t have to let those go to waste; you can dry them yourself. Drying fresh herbs is not so hard to do. There?s a great article about drying fresh herbs. Go take a look; it could save you some money AND make your dishes that much more delicious! You can read more HERE.

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